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brand story

JDCK Logo.png
2New_JDCK Logo out line .png

JDCK Pte Ltd will be moving to a new site in September 2019. This is in line with our business expansion plans and the real-life implementation of process re-engineering principles to further streamline the operations aspects. Housing two units with an operating capacity of 10,000 square feet will see to the consolidation of the previously segmented processing units, be it Centralised Procurement or Centralised Dishwashing. The new logo signifies an invigorating adaptation with the times and inherently assimilates a progressive undertaking to bring JDCK to even Greater heights in years to come. 


In the words of JDCK Managing Director, Bobby, this is JDCK Move Forward Blueprint and we have all the latest/necessary Equipment and Facilities to respond to the Government's call to embrace automation and be leaner operationally . We are ready for the future, whilst Growing in tandem with our partners. 

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